Modern security systems
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Miguel Soriano


This module contains some necessary information for the basic orientation of students in the field of network security, including security services, security mechanisms, types of attackers, security threats and the description of the components of a network security system.


This module provides an overview of the modern security systems. It is divided into six blocks or chapters.

The first chapter introduces the concepts of network security, security services, mechanisms, … The second one is an overview of network security threats introducing the concepts of viruses, worms, trojan horses; spyware and adware; zero-day attacks; denial of service attacks; data interception and theft; spoofing and identity theft …

The third chapter contains a description of some components of a network security system (anti-virus, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, VPN, …). The fourth chapter presents other network secure solutions (i.e., strong authentication methods, hardening the operating system, protecting web service, …)

Finally, there is a chapter devoted to mobile security. Smartphones play a very important role in modern communications; nobody doubts about the importance of smartphones in our lives. Because of the nature of these devices, they are open to new types of attack. In this chapter is shown how a hacker can profit from a compromised smartphone.


information security, network security, firewall, virus, IDS, spyware