Smart technologies
Smart technologies
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Radoslav Vargic, Peter Trúchly, Pavol Podhradský


The rise of smart technologies and intelligent automation is changing the world. They allow us to simplify and improve life at homes, in a cities and communities. They are capable to adapt automatically and modify their behaviour to fit environment requirements and conditions. Smart technologies use sensors to sense things, acquire data and analyse them and draw conclusions based on rules. They are also capable to learn. This module provides an introduction to smart technologies. It describes and explains what smart technologies are what are their main features, advantages, disadvantages and uses or applications.


The main goal of this module is to introduce a student to a domain of smart technologies. Students get to know basic characteristics of smart homes and components they contain. Students also acquaint with basic features and structure of smart home devices such as smart TVs or smart kitchen appliances as well as smart end user devices such as smartphones, smart glasses and watches. They learn about smart cities and components making cities and communities to be smart. And they also acquire basic information from a short overview of smart machines in enterprises.


smart home, smart TV, smart appliances, smartphone, smart watches, smart glasses, smart city.