Audiovisual content
Audiovisual content
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Ivan Pravda


Michal Łucki


The module deals with processing and distribution of audiovisual content. It defines a number of basic concepts, it contains description of basic components and concepts. Further attention is paid to projection and appropriate choice its techniques. The module contains, last but not least, a number of practical instructions and recommendations. The module's conclusion is dedicated to storage management systems and its content.


By studying the module students will be able to get an overview of processing and distribution of audiovisual content. This topic is very current, as AV systems can be found in variety of branches of industries, public administration and education. Emphasis is placed not only on the clarification of the terminology in the field, but also on the explanation of specific instructions and recommendations used in the implementations. The final section clarifies the problem related to streaming and AV storage security issues.


audiovisual technology, display, projection, conference systems, data storage, audio, video.